Alexis Silva- Piercer

Alexis is a professional body piercer who began his career with an eighteen-month apprenticeship under Jason Prince. During his apprenticeship, he attended Phlebotomy classes as well. Since the completion of his apprenticeship, he has continued to learn and excel in the field both creatively and professionally. An active member of the New England Piercing Group, he is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of high standards in the world of body piercing. He consistently maintains the renewal of his certifications in Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training, First Aid & Adult CPR. He is well-versed in both freehand and tool-based piercing procedures so that he can provide his clients with the safest, easiest experience according to their needs. Boasting a refusal to offer anything less than the best, Alexis carries only the most high-quality jewelry available from companies such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength, NeoMetal, LeRoi, Infinite, Glasswear Studios, Evolve, and many more. 

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