“Miss Jess” Huard - Tattoo Artist

Miss Jess

What’s up, I’m Miss Jess.  I’ve been a part of the Hartford County Tattoo family since about 2007.  I say family, because there is a sense of family when I come in the door everyday.  Speaking of family, my mother always has nurtured my art talent in every way.  Being talented herself, she saw in me things that she felt were bigger and greater.  It was easy to get me presents….Paper, colored pencils, crayons and markers.  She used to have me tell people what I wanted to be when I grew up because she thought it was fantastic.  (artist was my answer.) It’s hard to say exactly when I thought tattooing was my outlet and passion, because I’ve always liked being different, people who were different, and growing up, tattooed people were extremely different.  I got into tattoos as the industry began to change in the 90’s, becoming much more of an art form, which then, in my impressionable years, became even more attractive to me, because I found a way to apply art as a career.  I always took art classes in school, being in every art exhibit throughout all of grade school, and continued on, majoring in graphic design and making the dean’s list every semester.

I feel very fortunate that I work around the artists that I do, because I work around the very people whom I’ve looked up to immensely, who have driven me and believed in me, sometimes more than I did myself.  Someone close to me once asked me, ‘What is it you really want to do?’ and tattooing was my final answer.  So now I love what I do everyday.  I have artwork that talks back to me and tells me how amazing it is, or how much it means to them, and that’s something you don’t get from a canvas.

I specialize in certain ideas and images…  I love pin ups.  I love drawing and tattooing people, women in particular, and even animals.  I love surrealism as well.  But I also take every idea, and give people custom tattoos, personalized for you, and I love that too, because you are happy and it means a lot to you to have that, which makes my day along with yours.  To make a permanent mark on people, not just in ink, but defining something for someone, brings joy to me.  It takes a tattoo artist to be able to do something like that.  Plus… you know it’s cool to get tattooed by a chick.  For the girls, it’s more comfortable most times too.  So I’m here for all of you, and always humbled and thankful when I think of where I am.

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