Matthew “Red” Gomme - Tattoo Artist

Hey,  I’m Matt… most of you know me as Red.  I began apprenticing under Chad in 2000, and have been with the Hartford County family ever since then.  I don’t remember a time when art was not in my life.  Tattoos went hand in hand, due to my dad’s old school tattoos, but my real driving force came when I got my first tattoo at 18 by Chris “Beaner” around 1995.  Shortly after beginning my apprenticeship with Chad, I quit my 9 to 5, and chose to go to college and graduated Magna Cum Lauda with degrees in Visual Communication and Graphic Design… and I’ve never looked back.

I became the manager of Hartford County eventually, to learn the business aspect, where I had the fortunate opportunity of Angel taking me under his wing (get it?) and continuing to teach me various techniques.  Now I have the great pleasure of working with people I’ve looked up to, and rub elbows with many phenomenal artists, which forces me to raise the bar every day that I am a part of this.

Let’s face it… I’m an old skate punk, who used to draw in class.  Now I’m livin’ the dream… haha! To all my math teachers who said you can’t make a living in art, you should have saved those old tests. They might be worth money one day… But I will thank the ones who helped me get here, you know who you are, and thank you for looking into what I’m about.  I would also just like to thank Ramen noodles, and Viewers Like You, for keeping my cup always full.  Thank You.