Rick Stanton - Tattoo Artist

Humbly proud and grateful to be a part of the HCT family, Rick is a traditional tattooer with a strong focus on fresh, clean, solid tattoos.  As a kid he was inspired by comic books and Saturday morning cartoons, and has carried a black pen in his pocket for as long as he can remember.  It was walking into a tattoo parlour and seeing the flash of American Master Norman Keith "Sailor Jerry" Collins, that motivated him to take up tattooing as a chosen profession.  Further research introduced, inspired and educated him on the works of the great Masters Huck Spaulding, Paul Rogers, Owen Jensen, Ed Hardy and Lyle Tuttle.  

Rick makes it his daily goal to create fresh tattoo designs based on the structure of traditional tattoo flash-bold black lines, solid packed black shading and crisp, bright colors.  Happy to tattoo the flash of legends, and always ready to create you something new!

Rick draws every day and offers a 'flashwall' in his booth where customers may 'pluck and plant' fresh designs at a fair, affordable cost.  Please come on through and check them out, the flash rotates regularly.  

When not tattooing, RIck is spending time with his beloved lady and two kids.  A lover of the arts and artists, he remains thankful for all that tattooing has done for him, and will continue to give tattooing his honest, daily best.                  

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