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I had an AMAZING experience at Hartford County Tattoo !! I got tattooed by Johnny Chops. It was my first tattoo, and Johnny made me feel super comfortable was extremely friendly, patient and understanding. He was very knowledgeable of what he was doing and VERY sanitary. This place litterally exceeded my expectations in customer service and in cleanliness. I will absolutely go back and get more tattoos from here and from Johnny. Such a great experience!!!!!   Celena, Springfield MA
Absolutely love this place. The staff are incredibly friendly and the shop is beautiful and clean. I've now gotten two tattoos from Johnny and am ecstatic with both. His passion and skill are clearly evident in his work and he's all around just a really great guy. His attention to detail is phenomenal and I fully trust his opinions/ideas regarding design. The suggestions he provides are sound and I love that he is more than happy to explain technical things to me and share his knowledge of the art in general. He's gained a loyal human canvas; I already have two more appointments booked. Thank you!- Kayla, New Hartford
My daughter and I received our first tattooes ever from Rick.  My daughter is 16 and as part of her recovery we decided to get tattoos in support of her eating disorder.  These tattoos were very important to us and a great bonding moment for us that enhanced our already great relationship.  We went to the studio for our appointment and met Rick for the first time.  Rick is very professional and spent time with us helping us with the design and detailed explanation of what he thought would be best for us.  He helped with ideas on what we wanted for tattoos in support of my daughters 3 year battle with an eating disorder.  We connected immediatly and Rick came up with great designs for both of us.  Rick spent 5 hours with us on this day and it was a great experience for all of us.  Rick is very clean, making sure everything was very mych sanitary.  We had great conversation and he supported us in every way to make this a special day for us and to make sure we were happy.  The tattoos were great and we left happy. Rick is very artistic and talented and has a friendly and very supportive demeanor.  We will definately go to Rick for all of our future tattoo needs and can't praise Rick and his work enough.  As a parent and first time receiver of a tattoo at age 58 I highly recommend him!! Thanks Rick for everything.  My daughter and I will never forget this bonding experience!- PC and Elise, Worcester
If there's anyone you want to go to get pierced, go to Alexis Silva. It was a great experience, I felt safe and calm and comfortable. He was very professional, everything was perfectly sterile. Never going to a different place ever again! -Stasie, West Hartford
We just wanted to thank everyone at Hartford County Tattoo!  We had the best experience.  It was my daughter's first tattoo and from the very first phone call to meeting the owner everyone was absolutely wonderful.  Faith was immediately put at ease by her artist Rick.  He was professional and yet knew how to balance a sense of humor to keep Faith (age 17) calm.  His work is fantastic!  More importantly he covered every detail of the experience along with what to expect and how to prepare for the after care.  (And Faith listen...There was no redness and she is healing beautifully.)  The studio was everything you see on their website and more.  The staff was friendly and those that were working took the time to acknowledge the rest of the family who accompanied us.  As her mom the whole experience left me recommending, not only Hartford County Tattoo, but Rick in particular.  It was well worth the ride!- Becky
Thank you. A simple name you inscribed on my arm, of my handsome young prince, 'son', barely 18 years old. I feel you may look young but are an old soul. I felt you appreciated my intent of externalizing the imprint Justin has forever on my heart. My tattoo is just what I wanted and you beautifully manifested that for me. And even to a hug before leaving, acknowledges the spirit, energy and, in my case, empathy that makes your art real. You do sparkle Diamond! I look forward to working with you again! Peace!- Kristin, South Windsor
I had two tattoos done by Johnny V. One was brand new and one someone else did at another place and it was a mess. Johnny fixed it to look amazing. This guy knows so much about art, tattooing, he is a true professional, and I trust him to no end. I will never go to anyone else. He listens to what you have to say, he offers his input, and trust me, his input is him offering to make your tattoo look the best it can possibly look, he wants you to be happy, he knows what will work, be open-minded, because not everything you want may look the best and he's honest enough to tell you and frankly I prefer that in a tattoo artist. He is a true artist. You will not be disappointed with his work. Also has a great personality and great to work with.   -Allie M,  Wolcott
Red is an amazing artist. He's my nephew, of sorts. He re did a piece for me, and it is a piece everyone compliments me on. He is the best. -Mums, Florida

As anyone getting their first tat, I did a lot of research and found a great artist in Rick! He created my first tat and it came out phenomenal! He was super nice the whole day and worked with me to find the best design possible! Can't wait to see you again! 100% worth the trip! Everyone is very nice! Amy welcomed me and introduced me to Rick (who's design blew my mind away!)The shop is super clean and neat! All of the artwork in the shop is great including the furniture! During being tatted, Chad came in and chatted with me he was very nice as well! Overall, I couldn't be happier with my first tattoo! Everyone comlimented it and thinks it looks great! Thanks again! 10 out of 10                    -Collin, North Attleboro, MA

"This was my 3rd tattoo & I'd have to say it was the best experience.  Genuinely nice staff, especially Joe (my artist).  I'm getting countless compliments on the ink & am looking forward to the next vist"-  Miriah, Stratford

"I came to HCT with wanting to start my first sleeve. I sat down with Red and the ideas he had absolutely blew my mind. I am currently in the process of beginning my sleeve, and the work Red has done so far is unbelievable. HCT is an extremely clean environment and the artists are highly committed to their job - not to mention their talent is out of this world. " -  Adam, Plymouth CT

"Hey Cheryl, I just want to let you know how great of an artist you are, and how pleased I am with my new tattoo!  My wife was stunned and in awe of your work.  She will be in with me soon to get a tattoo as well!  Hope you know how much this meant to me and my family, and also enjoyed our conversation through the tattoo. It's always nice to get to meet good human beings and you are! Thank you again"  -Wess
"I went to Johnny V for a piece on my leg a while back, and then returned again for a larger piece, and now I'm finishing the rest of my work up with him, amazing artist, good style and a really welcoming and good guy to sit down and get tattooed by. I'm glad I ran into him for the piece on my leg, couldn't be happier with the work. really clean. All around a nice shop to go to always refer johnny and Hartford County to any of my friends."-Jon, Winsted
"I got my second tattoo done by Miss Jess last Friday I thought she did an amazing job on my first tattoo so of course I went back to her for my second which was a tribute tattoo to my dad who passed away, she went above and beyond my expectations. Miss Jess is the only one I will let tattoo me now and I recommend her to everyone I talk to! "I went to Hartford County on Saturday and got my nostril pierced by Alexis. The entire studio is spotless, everything is exceptionally clean. I was greeted as soon as I entered and helped right away! "- Val, Terryville CT
Hartford County's service is unmatched; every single item Alexis used was single-use. He changed into a new pair of gloves at least ten times, ensuring the utmost care and sterility possible. All items were opened right in front of me. A test strip goes into their autoclave clear and changes to blue, showing that it has reached the proper sterilization temperature.The precautions that Alexis takes are comparable to a surgeon before surgery.
The material of the jewelry is clearly stated and they have niobium (which your body does not detect) so people like me, with metal allergies, can rest easy! You won't have any problems as long as you follow the aftercare instructions.
I definitely recommend Hartford County to my friends/family and look forward to a second visit soon! :D  " Caitlin, Torrigton CT
"I went to Johnny to see about fixing a tattoo of mine that I was totally unhappy with and he made it beautiful.  I couldn't believe how realistic it looks now.  I would highly recommend him to anyone lookng for a new or to fix a tattoo"  Sarah, Middletown CT
"I am a retuning client and I have to say you guys are wonderful! You truly make it about the client & set up for a comfortable experience. I had the pleasure to work with Johnny for my last tattoo. He was detailed, professional, and accommodating! He was able to capture every element I was looking for in my tattoo. I have been so pleased with how clean everything is and I have never run into any issue with scheduling. There is no other shop I would recommend! Thank you!!! I am proud to wear your art :) "   Drea, Avon CT
)I had my first tattoo today, done by Johnny, and he did a wonderful job, I love it so much and I cannot express how nice he was and worked so diligently. Everything was clean and they do a good job to make sure you feel comfortable while on the table. Thanks so much again and will definitely be coming back. -Rachel, CT
"I got an amazing tattoo from Marko. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking into getting a tattoo" -Mike, Boston MA
HCT work spaces are immaculate you can tell the second you walk in it looks almost more like an art gallery than a tattoo shop, this really put my mind at easy getting my first tattoo. Johnny V worked with me making sure i loved my tattoo before inking it in. he unwrapped the needles and supplies right in front of me showing me the expiration date, played music I like even introducing me to some new tunes, we were talking the whole time and as a perfectionist he made sure my tattoo was exactly how I want it even if it meant spending the extra time. I love it, its part of me and I cant wait to get my next tattoo with Johnny.                      - Trevor C, Southington CT
"Just got my tat, could not be happier. Greg was my artist and did a great job from start to finish. I explained to him what I wanted and he gave me some advice and it came out awsome. Highly recommend Hartford County Tatoo."                                                 -Martin, Plantsville Ct
"I just wanted to say how happy I am with my latest tattoo from Red. I was just in Florida at Disney world parks and I was stopped repeatedly so people could see the ink work :) (Pegasus waterfall dragon compilation)
I told everyone to go see Red in CT lol :)
As usual I'm looking forward to my next tattoo from Red."
Karyl, CT

"Johnny V did my tattoo and i absolutely love it! the lines are so clean and amazing and he was very patient with me seeing as it was my first tattoo. He was very careful and professional and made sure it was exactly what i wanted. I got a tattoo very small only about 3-4 inches big and he spent alot of time on it making sure if was perfect. I recommended him to all of my friends and hope to get my next tattoos done by him."  -Emily S, Monroe CT

Just letting you all know just what a wonderful establishment you have there in Bristol,Ct.I have been there multiple times..Your facility is top notch with sterility and with friendliness. Your artists are phenomenal with their own uniqueness and individuality. The talent that flows through your walls have touched many lives. And we wear them daily...and forever...I am proud to have such an awesome tattoo shop locally and I spread the word every chance I get.... Thank you all for providing the Best of the Best...Great Job All of you. So excited about another facility...Lia from Bristol, CT

I want to thank you for the pictures of all the clean and sterile rooms when I first enter your page. That put me at ease about getting the tattoo I wanted here.Amanda - Middlebury, CT


Hey, just found your sight and your art work is amazing, I am currently trying to figure out what me next tattoo will be and seeing your site has made it a lot easier for me to make my decision. I'm gunna take a few ideas from some of the tattoos I have seen and try to design my own or get someone to do it for me. Just wanted to say that if I am ever in the states I am totally going to your studio for my tattoos, you rock.!!!!!!!!!
Laura - Wellington, Australia

I got my first tattoo about 1 year ago from Chad and it was an awesome experience. I feel that the artwork that comes out of Hartford County is way more amazing then what I see on TV., like Miami Ink. I also love how clean everything is at Hartford County, it makes it so comfortable and not so intimidating like some other tattoo shops. I also helped in the construction of this shop and it was an amazing transformation, the idea of all separate rooms for each tattoo artist was a really great idea, it helps people who are getting there first tattoo feel very relaxed and comfortable. I also recommend a ton of people and everywhere I go I get soo many comments about my tattoo, they always say how real my luna moth looks and how great the shading is. GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING. Thanks Again!
Amber - Bristol, CT

I love the atmosphere. You don't feel intimidated like when you go to some tattoo shops. Angel has done 99.9% of my work and what he didn't do, he fixed. All the employees are always there to ask questions and will give you a straight and honest answer or opinion. Also, on top of all that, the shop is very clean, which is comforting. More shops should be like that. Hartford County is my drug of choice, so to speak. :)
Dan - Bristol, CT

…love it. I recommend it to all of my friends and it's close to home, so it's convenient. I love it.
Paige - Burlington, CT

I got my tattoo last Thursday and I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. It came out better than I ever expected and I am so happy with it. Everyone has asked me where I got my tattoo and that it looks awesome. I just wanted to say thanks for such a great job.
Lori - Cheshire, CT

What Can I say? Hartford County is the most unbelievable shop I have ever seen. Chad is also the most amazing tattoo artist I have ever seen. I have two tattoos by Chad and will most definitely be getting more...Because of Places like Hartford County, hopefully tattoos will get the more positive image that they deserve.
Steve - Watertown, CT